Fotonoviembre 2015 now features the five artists chosen in the category ‘Selected Authors’

Fotonoviembre 2015 now features the five artists chosen in the category ‘Selected Authors’

The authors of the projects selected are from France, Italy, Salamanca, Madrid and the Canary Islands

Matías Costa "Zonians"

Matías Costa “Zonians”


The Fotonoviembre International Photography Biennial, organised by the Tenerife Cabildo with the Tenerife Island Photography Centre, in association with TEA Tenerife Arts Space, has now chosen five artists from Selected Authors category, open to independent photographers. Marie Maurel de Maillé (France) with the project Raiponce, Alby Álamo (Canary Islands) with his work El Culto, Andrea Di Martino (Italy), with The Mass is Ended, Vera Martín Zelich (Salamanca), with Instituto y Matías Costa (Argentinian, living in Madrid) with his work Zonians, are the five artists that have been selected to exhibit their work in this biennial, which reaches its thirteenth edition this year.

 Andrea Di Martino "The Mass is ended"

Andrea Di Martino “The Mass is ended”

The works for this the thirteenth edition were chosen from 512 projects received from 36 countries, relating to 320 authors and two groups; and the figures in each case are the best seen in all the editions to date. There are 128 foreign authors, 109 Canarians, and 83 from other Spanish autonomous communities.

In the Fotonoviembre overseas section, there are new authors from Iran, India, Cambodia, Ukraine and Lithuania. The following countries are also represented: Senegal, Chile, United States, Brazil, Greece, Venezuela, Peru, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Argentina, Portugal, Cuba, Ireland, Finland, Canada, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.

The Selected Authors category, one of three comprising Fotonoviembre 2015, with the Official Section, and Atlantic Groups, try to bring together current work by photographers whose participations do not fit within the designations of other categories, in order to show the medium as it currently is and give support to new and emerging authors.

The jury that selected the winning works comprised: Victoria del Val, who has a degree in Art History from the Madrid Complutense University and who is a member of the Mapfre Foundation exhibition team; Alejandro Vitaubet González, Director of the La Regenta Art Centre run by the Government of the Canary Islands; Teresa Arozena Bonnet, photographer and lecturer at the European University; Yolanda Peralta Sierra, Curator of Temporary Exhibitions at TEA Tenerife Arts Space; Isidro Hernández Gutiérrez, Curator of the TEA Collection, and Antonio Vela de la Torre, Director of the Tenerife Island Photography Centre.

Vera Martín Zelich "Instituto"

Vera Martín Zelich “Instituto”

Marie Maurel de Maillé "Raiponce"

Marie Maurel de Maillé “Raiponce”

Alby Álamo "El culto"(vídeo)

Alby Álamo “El culto”(vídeo)


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