Alby Álamo, “El culto”

Alby Álamo, “El culto”

Alby Alamo

Alby Álamo


In November 2012, my friend Franchoinvited me to “The Cult”, as he himself once called it. The Cult was a Brazilian evangelical mass in Berlin at which a pastor was to be ordained. The first thing I asked Franchowas if I would be able to bring my camera, to which he replied that I could. I did not know what to expect and had no idea if the invitation would lead to any material for a video.


The camera acted as a shield and helped me keep a distance from events, but I realised straight away that there were many things going round in my head there. One of them was the importance of images in such small communities, and the role they played and how they worked. Although in a mass like this one, the images themselves were not physically present, but appeared in many other ways through rituals, gestures and the setting itself.


When I started to edit all the material, I realised that the story would need to be told throughwords. It made sense to me that a rite based on sacred texts should also be similarly described. The narrative thus acquired a central role in the video in the form of my voice in first person, but I wanted that voice to raise questions separately from the figure of the all-knowing narrator. This is how the first person became a fictional character, calling for the viewer’s belief in the story, and sometimes even asking them to form the images for themselves that I was unable to record.


In the video, therefore, we see a fictionalized documentary (and which are not?) where the viewer’s relationship with the story told is rather like that of a believer with a sacred text.





De esta forma en el video asistimos a una documental ficcionalizado (¿acaso no lo son todos?) en el que la relación del espectador con la historia contada se asemeja en gran medida a la del creyente con los textos sagrados.

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