Vera Martín Zelich, “Instituto”

Vera Martín Zelich, “Instituto”

"Instituto", Vera Martín Zelich

“Instituto”, Vera Martín Zelich


This project revolves around the portrait, linking two elements: a space that defines and delimits a context, and an age group, that also defines and delimits the type of subject.

This work, developed in serial format, although not exclusively so in formal terms, is based on the study of some of the essential tools in the genre of portraiture: the face, as an expression of the individual, the look, as a means of communication, and the pose, as an affirmation.

The space chosen is the high school, a point of reference that establishes the age group on which the series hinges: the transition between adolescence and youth, the stage of the formation and affirmation of the individual. High school is one of the places where people at this age spend most of their time, and also where they interact, are educated and develop. It has been selected, therefore, as a familiar context in which those featured develop, the spaces that they use and experience. Look and pose, as components of expression, within surroundings that are familiar to them at that age, and complex and rich in connotations for the viewer of these images. The work is not only a portrait of individuals but of a space too, the high school. At the same time, it is not only a portrait of an isolated group of individuals but of a generational group linked by a relationship with a space common to them all. Furthermore, this series was completed entirely in the same high school, and all of those featured are the same students in the time prior to the end of the period.

The work seeks to challenge double portraiture of this group of high school students, the individual and the group, with those stereotypes and archetypes that usually develop in this age group.

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