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Phenomenal statistics of the main strikers of Spain. Who started the season better?

This season's title race in Spain will be outstanding, Real Madrid and Barcelona are perfect for the season, strengthening the necessary positions in the squad. Both teams suffer from injuries a little, but the depth of the lineups allows you to not notice this.

The main people in both teams, of course, are the forwards they are the ones who make the difference. No one doubts that only Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski will compete for the top scorer prize, although Iago Aspas and Borja Iglesias are willing to bet.

Let's take a look how Real and Barça's nines started. Let's start with the most interesting: goals scored. Both forwards have more than 1 expected goals per game (which is a lot), which sets them apart from the average forwards.

Robert has a slightly higher xG (7.34), Karim has 7.04, but the difference real goals are huge Lewandowski hit 9 goals, and Benzema only 3!

Yes, Robert played 93 minutes more, but the difference is really big. This could be explained by the fact that Karim plays more for the team, but the similar value of expected goals suggests otherwise. img class="article-image__img" height="675" loading="lazy" src="" width="1200" />

In addition, he has more touches in the penalty area (50 versus 48 for Leva with fewer minutes). But Benzema is still more involved in team possession: he passes twice as often and gets the ball one and a half times as often, and Karim also lowers his third to help develop attacks.

It is important to note that accuracy the Frenchman's passes are much higher: 86% vs. 79%, while Karim made more passes under the blow (12 and 11).

Benzema parted with the ball faster and dribbled less often Lewandowski has 14 dribbling attempts against Karim has 5, hence the difference in fouls earned: Robert has 17, and Karim has 3.

Lewandowski is more often involved in pressure, so fouls naturally more often he has already broken the rules seven times. Benzema can be praised for this he has not a single foul and not a single card so far.

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