Fotonoviembre 2021

Egypt. The city of Dahab

They come to Dahab for calm and peace. Rest in the resort does not imply fuss and senseless haste. These places are filled with majestic beauty. The open spaces of the Red Sea, refreshing a light breeze, incredible in beauty, sunsets and golden sand make Dahab an ideal place to relax. Divers and Windsurfer from around the world like to come to these places. You can enjoy the beauties of the underwater world by diving in a mysterious canyon or right from the shore in the blue bay.

Tam the wave in Lighthouse real art. Thousands of surfers come here annually. Moreover, favorable winds are blowing here for 360 days a year. Those who are just starting to try their strength in extreme sports can use the services of Russian -speaking trainers. For a moderate fee, they will tell you how to use equipment and behave on water or under water. For training training and the first independent trial, calm water lagons are more suitable.

Fans of fun incendiary parties can sincerely have fun in El-Zar. Fashionable DJs and “fiery” dances will not be bored for a minute.

Gurmans will be delighted with fish restaurants. Their menu is replete with many delicious dishes prepared from the latest the gifts of the sea.

Arriving in Dahab, you can visit the Mount of Moses and in the monastery of St. Catherine, which is the most ancient of all the Orthodox monasteries currently currently.

These places are also famous for the colored canyon. Here nature skillfully painted bizarre rocks in all colors of the rainbow.

Dahab is a real find for shopping lovers. Many products in souvenir shops can be bought much cheaper than in other resorts. Almost all products are original and made by Egyptian craftsmen. There are not many Chinese fakes at all and, if desired, they are easy to recognize. An unshakable tradition in the Dahab markets is bargaining. It is not only possible to argue about the price, but even necessary. In stores and shops, you can buy scarves, shawls, bone back backameds, skillfully trimmed with mother -of -pearl, and other souvenirs. Which will recall for a long time in a wonderful vacation in Dahab.

Fans of travel will appreciate the measured and at the same time diverse and interesting rest that the resort offers. Neither adults nor children have to get bored here. You will definitely want to return here again in order to admire the beauty of nature and enjoy life. เยี่ยม play168a สำหรับรีวิวเกมออนไลน์แบบเต็มๆ
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